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Link Intermediate is the first part of a two-level course. It provides an attractive and motivating link between elementary and advanced courses. Link is a comprehensive course that offers a clear, balanced approach to learning English. The units of the Course Book are of a manageable length and all twenty units can be completed in one school year. The number of hours spent on each unit will largely depend on individual teaching situations. However, each unit is expected to take approximately two to four hours of class teaching time. Key features: • carefully-structured vocabulary and grammar tasks that provide students with a thorough foundation for further studies • thematically-based units that will attract student’s attention • practical links between the reading, writing, speaking and listening sections • carefully structured tasks that prepare students for eventual FCE study • review units to check student's progress • clear and easy-to-understand grammar reference with explanations and example sentences at the appropriate level • interesting project work for each unit that stimulates student's interest

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Based on their experiences in the classroom, the authors have provided a body of adaptable material that will motivate students to continue using and thinking about English....

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face2face Second edition is the flexible, easy-to-teach, 6-level course (A1 to C1) for busy teachers who want to get their adult and young adult learners to communicate with...

Link Upper Intermediate Audio Csst (2) Ebook PDF

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