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DESCRIPTION Tom is invited to a swingers club where he spies his mom sexually engaged with both men and women. Shes a professor of logic and has taught her son to always think logically rather than emotionally. When Tom sees his beautiful mother as a sexual being he realizes two things. First, she turns him on. Second, there is no logical reason why he couldnt have sex with her... if she wants him, that is. EXCERPT (Our hero, Tom, is in a big converted barn known as The Farm, a deluxe swingers palace, by invitation only.) “Oh my God!” Tom thought, “is that my mother?” He focused his attention and realized it was. Tom was shocked at seeing his mother here, seeing her going down on a woman, seeing her being fucked at the same time. He also realized just how damned beautiful and sexy she really was. It was like looking at a different woman, not his mother. Just then, Karen opened her eyes. They tracked up, seeing the redhead, with her back to her, on her knees sucking a man’s dick. Karen’s eyes tracked further up, seeing her son, Tom, looking right back at her. It took her pleasure fogged mind a second to recognize him. Then her eyes opened wide in shock also. Tom recovered instantly from his initial reaction, realizing, from a purely logical point of view, that his mother was a very fuckable woman. He knew that intrinsically, of course. But he had never actually imagined what his mother would look like when she was fucking. She was his mother, after all. In the next instant, in that sexually charged atmosphere, he realized that if he considered her to be just a woman, not his mother, then he would very much like to be the man behind her, fucking her. That thought logically lead to the next one. So what if she is my mother, she’s still a very fuckable woman. He immediately tried to eject that thought from his mind, but he couldn’t. His mother had taught him to think logically. From a purely logical point of view, Tom couldn’t think of why he couldn’t fuck his mother. That is, physically have sex with her. And, if there was no logical reason why he couldn’t, what logical reason was there that he shouldn’t? He couldn’t think of any. He knew there were emotional reasons that made what he was thinking of taboo. He knew that society condemned incest, but mostly that was the issue of child molesting. He and his mother were adults, consenting adults … not that he thought she would consent to having sex with him. Still, now that he had thought of it—fucking his mother—he knew he’d never be able to look at her again without wondering what it would be like to actually have sex with his mother. All this flashed through his mind in an instant, like a big “Eureka!” moment. Tom realized that he was more turned on now than he had been a second ago. Then he decided to be mischievous.

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